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  • 12-27-2013
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    In an early summer article by Plain Dealer reporter Angela Townsend, Eliza Jennings’ partnership with the Kumon Institute of Education was announced on The announcement came bundled with excitement from Eliza Jennings CEO Deborah Hiller who, after attending a seminar by Kumon-affiliate Hiroyuki Murata, was quoted in the article as having exclaimed, “At the end of this presentation, I walked up and said, ‘I want to do this.'”

    Ms. Hiller’s excitement was not the only celebration to grace the article. When Eliza Jennings’ SAIDO Learning program was first demonstrated in Denver at the 2011 LeadingAge meeting, Eliza Jennings officials quickly received nearly 50 calls from senior-service agencies across the country regarding program application. Since establishing their relationship with the Kumon Institute, Eliza Jennings has refined much of its corporate culture to place a strong emphasis on SAIDO Learning.

    Eliza Jennings is now the sole U.S. provider of training in the SAIDO method. And since publicizing the partnership, at least four organizations from across the country are waiting for their SAIDO Learning programs to start. “[Kumon is] so excited about [SAIDO Learning] going on in the United States,” said Hiller. And today about one-third of residents of in Eliza Jennings communities, are participating in the SAIDO Learning program.

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