handwritingEliza Jennings, a nationally recognized and trusted expert in aging services, and its esteemed partner, Kumon Institute of Education have executed a Master License Agreement to expand SAIDO Learning throughout the United States. The expansion of SAIDO Learning throughout the U.S. will bring a sorely needed, innovative treatment to reduce or reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other dementias to a market for which there is no proven alternative treatment.

In 2011, Eliza Jennings offered the treatment to residents as the site of the first U.S. research trial of SAIDO Learning. The six-month trial produced significantly positive results, and Eliza Jennings subsequently offered SAIDO Learning to residents throughout its residential communities.

In order to ensure fidelity to the SAIDO Learning methodology, the organization has established the Eliza Jennings SAIDO Learning® Institute to house the training facility and operations for this innovative therapy. The Institute, which is located at the Eliza Jennings Health Campus, will be the center for SAIDO operations and training for sub-licensees.

SAIDO Learning Institute
10603 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102