As one of the leading innovative aging services organizations, Eliza Jennings was the first to offer SAIDO Learning® in the United States.

The following information reflects many of the positive outcomes and results achieved through SAIDO Learning.

SAIDO in Action

Review the case studies below…

  • 12-27-2013
    Aline F. — “Engaging More”

    Aline is engaging more in conversations and is verbalizing her opinions on food choices (in the past Learner rarely initiated any conversation and was very quiet).  She is now ordering her own food rather than having dietary choose for her.

  • 12-18-2013
    Doris C. — “Always Learning”

    Doris is spending less time in bed during the day, is more talkative and animated and is coming to dinner on her own.

    Doris is more engaged in her own life; she demonstrates that she is aware of time again and remembers where the dining room is; she forms intentions to act and initiates activity.

  • 12-27-2013
    Lynda E. — “Focusing”

    Lynda’s episodes of incontinence during the day are almost gone.  She will now indicate that she needs to use the bathroom and will sometimes go on her own.  Her appetite has increased and she sits to eat her entire meal now.  Before she would have to eat finger foods and eat as she walked.  She was also observed in an activity arranging craft balls into a pattern.  She was actually sitting and focusing for a long period.